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Silas Boyle

Probably one of the best experiences of my life. It was everything I wanted it to be and more (pardon the cliché). It was an absolute blast getting my hands on the best audio equipment on the planet and actually getting to learn how it all works together. Also working with an artist and helping their vision of a song come to life is one the most gratifying projects I've ever worked on. I could ramble forever about this so I'll be quiet now!

Michael Benton

This is one of the best decisions I've made in my life. I came all the way from Atlanta for the program and could not be more

satisfied, as the course was very in depth and hands on. Glenn, Susan and Wade truly care about their students and are

masters of their craft. I cannot thank them enough for all the experience and knowledge they have shared with me. Don't

waste any more time reading reviews and sign up!

Robert Jones

I am very thankful to have found this program and to have learned from some of the best in this industry. GAT3 has forever changed my life, and will continue to, as I grow as an engineer. Glenn, Susan, and Wade truly care about their students and lay down such a fantastic foundation for a budding engineer. I will forever be grateful for GAT3 and the experience it carries. If you are interested in becoming an engineer, for the price, for the experience, for your future, I highly recommend GAT3. Thank you Glenn, Susan, and Wade for everything.


Aaron Williams

This recording program at Gat3 was the BEST choice I ever decided to make. I believe if I would've attended any other recording program, I would've never gotten the one-on-one experience and the knowledge that I received while attending this school. I learned so much in these few months that some people can't learn in a 4 year college. All of the instructors are phenomenal. Susan, Wade, and Glenn aka Mr. G, thank you for everything you have done and taught be. Because of you, I am able to live out my dreams and become a successful sound engineer that I know I am able to become. You took my basic recording skills to a higher level. This school deserves not only 5 stars but 10!​

Ian Smith

Gat3 was truly one of the best experiences not only of my musical career, but also my life. A lot of people spend years trying to learn some of the basic things recording engineers know, setting them back to get ahead with internships and job opportunities. Gat3 is a faster, more rigorous, and more intensive learning center, which definitely pushed me to be a better student in a shorter time-span. For those of you interested in learning the ins and outs of music industry and working with real artists on real songs, I highly suggest you take a second to contact Gat3 for a tour. I’m sure you’ll find it well above any standards you have.

Chris Jobes

I can't believe the program is over (ended 2 nights ago for us). I can't stress this enough, if you are looking to break into the audio
engineering field or if you already have experience in recording, TAKE THIS PROGRAM !!!
I have been recording for over 10 years now and being mostly self taught, I thought I knew a lot. I am being totally sincere in saying that the doors in my mind were opened each and every class. Even if we went over something I thought I "already knew", I now had a FULL understanding of that process and the mechanics behind it. Thank you EVERYONE at GAT3 for making us a part of the GAT3 family."

Don't Just Take Our Word For it...

Actual Student Reviews and Comments

Ron Brown

This has been the best decision I have make in my music career. The information I am learning in the engineering program is

second to none. The instructors are amazing. Getting to learn from the very ones that have been there and done it is the key.

The use of the actual equipment will leave you speechless. If you are trying to decide if to take the class just do it. You will

not he disappointed. I look forward to every class. It does not matter the level you are on you just have to focus. Hope to

see pictures of you in the next class.

David Burgest

The Gat3 recording program is more than just a recording program. You get the opportunity to learn from professionals in the music recording business. The course is set up to give you the tools to be successful as a music producer, audio engineer, or help you achieve the goals that you seek to accomplish in your music career. In addition, they are very good people to work with. If you are considering taking this journey, you are making the right decision and investment. This will change your music career and help you to achieve your goals in the music arena.

Brandon Young

Absolutely fantastic program. The instructors are amazing and actually work in the music industry so they are extremely knowledgable in every aspect of the business. It is a great balance of classroom and hands on learning with top of the line equipment and tools. It was such a fantastic experience that I wish I could stay longer! I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to pursue a career in the music industry.

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